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Meet The Team

We are a family team of three: Deb, Holly and Paul. Based in the Nantwich countryside, we use our trial still to develop award-winning spirits on-site, that celebrate the history and stories of the local town.

Driven by local stories and a passion for gin in all its many forms and the strong family links to Cheshire, we wanted to produce something special and from the heart: a love letter to the town, its culture and personalities past and present.

Nantwich town has been the home of some of the leading names in science, horticulture and botany – people who were innovators of their time. With a nod to these local heroes, we were keen to use cutting-edge distilling equipment from iStill to craft the finest quality gin.

Rooted in nature and elevated through innovation, we use on-site vertical farming technology to grow herbs and botanicals such as lemon thyme and lavender. These micro-herbs contribute to recipes we create and develop on our on-site trial still.


Paul holds extensive experience in the horticultural industry, specialising in vertical farming and hydroponics. Holly returned to Nantwich following hospitality and retail experiences, and graduating from her master's degree, beginning the work towards the launch of Cheshire Botanicals in 2019. Deb is a dedicated Matron for the NHS with 40+ years in healthcare under her belt. We are driven by personal stories and the desire to create meaningful spirits for many to enjoy.


The first lockdown in 2020 was spent honing the recipe and refining the flavour profile for Nantwich Gin. From the botanical ingredients through to the final bottle you see on the shelf, each decision was made with quality in mind. Recipe and product development spanned over more than six months.

Future Plans

Exciting ideas and plans for the near future are slowly coming together. We plan to develop new spirits inspired by Nantwich, as well as expanding our site to bring all production home. Until then, we continue to work in partnership with a local distillery (based just over twenty miles from Nantwich) to meet the demand for Nantwich Gin.

We are continually developing new products and recipes. Stay up to date with news and announcements through the website and official social media channels: @CheshireBotanicals and @NantwichGin.

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