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The name Nantwich can be divided into two parts which reflect the town's industry link to brine, or salt: 'Nant', Welsh for 'brook' or 'stream', and 'Wich/wych', referring to brine springs or wells.

The 18th century name for Nantwich was 'Namptwych', and an old Welsh name for the town was once 'Hellath Wen'.

"Nantwich is an ancient town, originally known as 'Wich Malbanc'."


Nantwich is a market town located close to the Welsh border in Cheshire, England. The town's population was estimated at 17,997 in 2019. Natives born in Nantwich are known as 'Dabbers', which possibly refers to tanneries and leather manufacturers, and the 'dabbing' of glue when crafting shoes.


Nantwich boasts one of the county's largest collections of historic buildings, second only to Chester. As you walk through the town, you certainly won't miss the Tudor and Georgian black and white buildings, many of which cluster in the town centre.

Nantwich is rich with history and stories from the past. Notable points include the brine industry and connections with the Romans, the Great Fire of Nantwich in 1583, and the Battle of Nantwich during the English Civil War.

Nantwich was honoured with its very own gin in November 2020. We believed the town was more than deserving of its own signature spirit and we wanted to re-tell the stories from its history in a unique, creative way.

The black and white Tudor and Georgian architecture of Nantwich town, situated against a white sky.
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