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Our products are inspired by local stories.

Nantwich has been a permanent home to founders Paul, Deb and Holly for over fifteen years. Paul was also born in the cottage hospital - raised near to the train station, Paul also attended the Grammar School.

It's not only the town itself that inspires our spirits, but also the residents themselves. Paul, Deb and Holly would often travel up from the South to stay and Holly (who created the flavour profile for Nantwich Gin) holds strong memories of walking through the town with her Grandma, Barbara Challinor. A lot of the inspiration behind our signature London dry gin came from these walks through cobbled streets.

We used to walk past St. Mary's Church whilst the bells rang out, past dozens of planters featuring clusters of colourful flowers.

Naturally, Nantwich Gin needed to be a strong, classic gin with a floral bouquet twist - which links nicely in with Nantwich-born John Gerard and his studies in botany...

Nantwich was, and still is, always in bloom.


Please use the dropdown menu above to explore our Nantwich Stories section, where we've provided snippets of the town's history. Italicised quotes can be clicked to follow the source links. We update and add to these sections often, so please get in touch if there's a key point in Nantwich history that you'd like us to explore.

High Street in Nantwich, featuring the Crown Hotel, Bar and Grill

High Street Nantwich

The Nantwich Walled Garden - overgrown.

Nantwich Gin at The Cheshire Cat, 2021

A photograph looking up at the previously named Bear Hotel in Nantwich

Once the Bear Hotel   |  2023

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