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About Matron's Strength

A smooth navy strength gin | Bold and warming with elevated florals.

If not neat or over ice, Matron recommends serving with a healthy dose of tonic! Pair with Fever Tree's Mediterranean tonic and garnish with a sprinkling of edible wild flowers.

Nantwich Gin 'Matron's Strength' is a navy strength version of our signature spirit, at 57% ABV.

Served with ice and tonic, the effect is sweeter, with a hint of earthiness. The higher ABV pushes the warming spice of the pink peppercorns further into the background, allowing the delicate botanicals from the signature gin to really flourish.


Matron's Strength was developed during the tough months of 2021 to honour the bravery and tenacity of healthcare professionals across the world. A celebration of their continuous dedication, pre and post pandemic.


Deb Challinor, co-founder, is a dedicated NHS Matron with more than 40 years in healthcare and after seeing close-up, the impact of the last few years on our health workers, we couldn’t think of a better symbol for strength.

The Matron's Strength navy truly ups the ante of Nantwich Gin’s 40% abv. recipe to 57%, completely transforming the experience and bringing different botanicals to the fore. Served neat, Matron's Strength has an syrupy texture, coating the palate and bringing out the angelica root and coriander alongside strengthened florals.


This navy strength concoction coats the palate, warms your cockles and offers an entirely different perspective of the much loved Nantwich Gin. This is definitely one for the true gin lovers.

57% ABV Matron's Strength Gin

Matron's Strength 57%

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