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Nantwich Mill

Nantwich was once home to a water-powered mill, just South of the Welsh Row Bridge.

Records suggest that the mill was established in 1228, originally as a corn mill with a water wheel. In the mid 17th century, the mill was acquired and kept by local land owners the Cholmondeleys, until the 1840s.


"The resulting Mill Island was ascribed to the 16th century, possibly after the original mill was destroyed in the 1583 Great Fire of Nantwich."

The mill changed focus to cotton spinning and was known as 'Botts Mill', from 1789 to 1874.

"It has been said of the Bott’s Mill apprentices that they worked hard, were well fed, well clothed (having their own uniforms) and enjoyed good accommodation."

Following this, it was changed back to a corn mill and a turbine was brought in to replace the water wheel in 1890.

"In the 1950s it became Boughey’s Mill distributing BOCM (British Oil and Cake Mills Ltd) products whilst the lower floor of the disused fustian mill became the Riverside Billiards Club; there was also a gymnasium."

Sadly, the mill was irreversibly damaged in a fire in 1970, with demolition following two years later.

Currently, a project is underway to restore the natural power of the historic Nantwich Mill to benefit the community:

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