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Digital Debrief: 20/07/2023

Two Nantwich based Businesses come together to educate people and discover more about the application of technology in the real world.

Lemon Thyme - Cheshire Botanicals.

Rare Earth Digital are hosting their free quarterly Digital Debrief event at The Crown Hotel Nantwich on the 20th July and Paul from Cheshire Botanicals will be their keynote speaker.

Paul holds broad experience in intensive vegetable, fruit, flower and pharmaceutical crop production systems, with specialist knowledge of vertical farming, controlled environments, hydroponics and substrate culture.

Vertical farming is a method of growing crops indoors using stacked layers or shelves. It is based on the idea of maximizing the use of limited space in urban areas, reducing transportation costs and carbon emissions, and increasing the availability of fresh produce. It has the potential to revolutionise the way we grow and consume food.

Paul co-founder of Cheshire Botanicals, use on-site vertical farming technology to grow herbs and botanicals such as lemon thyme and lavender, which contribute to gin recipe development. Packed with flavour and uniquely balanced, their first London dry Nantwich Gin is a deliciously-distinctive spirit to be enjoyed all year round.

Come along and learn more about vertical farming and sample some Nantwich gin!

You must register in advance.

The next event will be held on the 20th of July at The Crown Hotel Nantwich, Cheshire 6:00pm – 8:30pm.

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