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Gin Lover's Tasting Journal

The ideal companion for the gin enthusiast from Pennard Press and Cheshire Botanicals.


Designed in-house and available in six colour options, The Gin Lover’s Tasting Journal is the perfect companion for a gin collector or connoisseur.


A place to jot down thoughts when tasting spirits and keep a record of flavour profiles, your new journal offers plenty of space for key “ginformation” and notes. Features include a star rating system, a flavour profile wheel with options for colour coding and a space to sketch or stick a photograph of each gin you taste.


Easily keep track of your gin collection and with alphabetised pages and space for additions at the back of the journal. The simplified system, designed by gin producers allows the documentation of the brand and location, gin type, abv, colour, aroma and more.


Pages: 175.


The Gin Lover’s Tasting Journal is available in six colour options: Cardamom (Green and Pink) Juniper (Blue and Cream) Lavender (Purple and Blue) Lemon Thyme (Yellow and Orange) Rose Hip (Red and Green) And Tudor (Black and White Striped)


Specs: 6’x9’ inch in size, ideal for on the move.High quality paper for smooth notetaking.Soft matte paperback cover with cute pattern designs.

Gin Lover's Tasting Journal

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