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Nantwich Gin 700ml

Nantwich Gin is a London dry gin, developed in honour of one of Nantwich’s most famous sons, John Gerard, who was a botanist and Royal herbalist in Tudor times, and who wrote what became recognised as the book on plants in the 17th Century. Many of the botanicals included in the Nantwich Gin recipe were grown by Gerard in his garden and combine herbal notes with punchy florals and piney juniper. Pink peppercorns bring some warmth to the finish, reminiscent of summer evenings and gardens in full bloom – to be enjoyed all year round. 


Nantwich Gin is bold, refreshing and balanced, claiming its place on the shelves of gin enthusiasts with a deliciously distinctive taste and eye-catching bottle.


Exciting ideas and plans for the near future are slowly coming together. Cheshire Botanicals plans to create more gin flavours and spirits inspired by Nantwich, as well as expanding their site to bring all production home. Until then, Cheshire Botanicals is working in partnership with an experienced, local distiller to meet the demand for Nantwich Gin.


Bringing home a silver medal at its first spirits judging, the London Spirits Competition 2021, Nantwich Gin went on to receive Highly Commended in The Gin Guide Awards 2021.


In June 2021, Nantwich Gin was awarded with a GOLD medal at the Spirits Business Gin Masters 2021 - a fantastic accolade from one of the top organisations in the global spirits industry.

Nantwich Gin 700ml

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