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Sweet Briar Gin 200ml

A 200ml version of Nantwich Sweet Briar Gin.


Nantwich Sweet Briar Gin offers bright, fruity flavours, reminiscent of wild, rosy hedgerows and bramble thickets. Infused with blackberry and geranium to complement signature juniper and rosehip, Sweet Briar is a refreshing tipple no matter the season. An ode to another of Nantwich town's past residents and their scientific works. Breathe in the spirit of Nantwich and take a sip. Serve with premium tonic and enjoy surrounded by nature. No added sugars, artificial flavours or additives.


Please note that due to the use of natural ingredients, the pink shade of Sweet Briar Gin can differ from batch to batch.


The third gin offering from Cheshire Botanicals is a nod to Joseph Priestley, resident of Sweet Briar Hall in Nantwich during the 1700s. Priestley was an English chemist, philosopher and educator who published over 150 works and was among the first scientists to discover oxygen.


200ml (20cl) bottle of 38% ABV gin.

Sweet Briar Gin 200ml

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