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A Tipsy Dessert for Afternoon Tea Week!

August 9th to 15th is Afternoon Tea Week 2021, and to celebrate, we're letting you in on a devilishly delicious discovery...

Don't get me wrong, I love a good scone. (Jam first, always). But this year, I wanted to try something unique to celebrate this extremely British holiday, with plenty of Nantwich Gin included!

So without further ado, allow me to present...

The Nantwich Gin Afternoon "Tea-pple":

Why do strawberries go so well with Nantwich Gin? Pink pepper corns are one of the key botanicals that add to that lasting finish when you taste and enjoy the gin. Traditionally, strawberries and black pepper are a great culinary combo.

Time to make: 5 minutes, if that.

Serves: Two.


- 50ml Nantwich Gin.

- Twelve large, fresh strawberries.

- Strawberry syrup.

- Clotted cream, vanilla or similar ice cream.

- Shortbread.

Method: (Easy!)

- Grab your favourite balloon glass.

- Scoop in two healthy dollops of ice cream (I used 'White Mountain' from the wonderful and local Snugburys Ice Cream).

- Blend together six large strawberries, 50ml of Nantwich Gin and a dash of strawberry syrup (I used Monin's).

- Drizzle the strawberry gin sauce over the ice cream.

- Top with the remaining sliced strawberries and a shortbread biscuit.

- Take outside into the garden and indulge!

Mary Berry, rate my plate!

Enjoy, and be sure to check back this weekend for another cheeky alternative recipe for Afternoon Tea Week.

- Holly.

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