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Matron's Strength Gin Hot Toddy Recipe

This week, spirits and cocktail lovers celebrated National Hot Toddy Day. Traditionally made with whiskey, this versatile beverage is so creatively adaptable that, of course, we just had to share our own recipe.

At the C.B. head office, we woke this morning to a thick covering of frost that had shrouded the fields in white - and my goodness, it was cold! So we scuttled inside with brew in hand.

During those freezing days when you can see your breath, us Brits are programmed to dash in to the warmth, put t'kettle on and enjoy a steaming hot tea. But sometimes, a brew or a coffee just won't cut it.

Whether it's as a mid-week treat or a weekend winter warmer, here's our suggestion for a Matron's Strength Hot Toddy to keep you nice and cosy until spring has sprung.

At 57% abv, Nantwich Gin Matron's Strength already offers the warmth of a navy strength spirit. So naturally, it goes very well in a gin hot toddy. If the percentage is a little high for your liking, feel free to switch to a 50ml measure of 40% signature Nantwich Gin instead.

Here's our recipe, featuring very precise and technical measurements:

- 30ml Nantwich Gin Matron's Strength

- A Splash of Lime or Lemon Juice

- A Dollop of Honey or Agave Syrup

- Boiling Water

- x1 Cinnamon Stick

- x3 Slightly Crushed Cardamom Pods

- Thin Apple or Lemon Slices


(Time to pull together: Less than 5 minutes!)

- Take your favourite tea mug or copper Moscow Mule and combine the gin, lime or lemon juice and honey - we've found that agave syrup is a great substitute if you don't like your hot toddies too sweet.

- Top up the vessel with boiling water.

- Garnish with a cinnamon stick, some crushed cardamom pods and fresh apple or lemon slices. If you're a lover of festive spicy flavours, you could pop the cinnamon and cardamom into your water as it's heating up, encouraging more spice intensity.

The beauty of this concoction is that you can tailor it to your tastes, or needs at the time. Opting for lemon or lime will help to cut through build-ups of phlegm from winter viruses. Adding more honey makes for a sweeter treat that can soothe sore throats. Combining apple and spices can create that festive flavour you've been craving. The Hot Toddy is such an adaptable beverage with so much potential for new recipes. In fact, the cocktail has already been twisted and altered throughout history:

- In the 1700s, Scottish doctors created and recommended a Hot Toddy to ease a sore throat.

- Later that century, American soldiers in the Revolutionary War twisted the recipe to accommodate rum and brandy instead of whiskey.

- In the 1800s, the Hot Toddy was deemed a "cure all" beverage.

So, with that final fact in mind, Matron recommends an immediate swig!

This recipe has actually kept us, and our friends upon recommendation, going through the cold months, warming us and soothing the effects of nasty colds.

We hope you're staying safe and warm this winter.

Enjoy your Nantwich Gin Hot Toddy, and be sure to send us a photo of your own beverage, made your way.

- All the best, The C.B. Team. x

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