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Nantwich Gin Perfect Serve G&T

The heatwave is well and truly here. With Nantwich and beyond experiencing 28°C + this week, we thought we'd share our Nantwich Gin Perfect Serve for a refreshing G&T that'll keep you cool throughout summer.

The Nantwich Gin Perfect Serve G&T is super easy to put together. You will need...

- Your favourite balloon or highball glass.

- 50ml Nantwich Gin.

- 100ml Fever Tree Original Premium Tonic.

- Ice.

- Either a slice of grapefruit or a sprig of lemon thyme.

Load your glass with plenty of ice, pouring 1 part Nantwich Gin over the top. Mix with 2 parts Fever Tree Original Tonic - the ideal ratio for the perfect G&T.

Garnish with either a sprig of lemon thyme from the garden, or a slice of fresh or dried grapefruit (we absolutely recommend Fruitanicals for ALL your garnish needs!)

Find a comfy spot in the shade - or sunshine if you're feeling brave - blast some summery tunes (check out our Spotify playlists!) and enjoy your beverage!

We've had lovely feedback from Nantwich Gin lovers expressing how well grapefruit compliments the gin - but of course, everybody has different favourite garnishes. Why not experiment?

Send us a photo of your Nantwich Gin Perfect Serve. Here's how you can find us: / @cheshirebotanicals / @cheshbotanicals

Find us on Spotify! Click here or search 'Cheshire Botanicals'

Have a wonderful week, and don't forget your suncream!

- Holly.

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