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#SipFest2021: Sip + Share's first AGM (Annual Gin Meeting)!

Sip and Share was launched a year ago in the midst of lockdown by Nantwich local Kate Carney. Since, the exclusive gin and spirits membership club has grown hugely, welcoming on-board gin lovers, distillers and spirits producers. We at Cheshire Botanicals joined Sip and Share ready for the launch of Nantwich Gin in November 2020.

Kate hosted many parties and tasting events via Zoom to keep everyone sane through the months of 2020. So of course, the only way to celebrate Sip and Share turning a year old after all that covid uncertainty passed, was with a gin-fuelled party in person!

Saturday October 9th at Derby Cricket Club was SipFest2021, the first AGM (Annual Gin Meeting) for the members of Sip and Share. After an entire year of abiding by covid's social restrictions, this explosive event was filled with music and dancing, many happy faces and plenty of gin.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with exclusive gin samples to determine the next official Sip and Share gin, plenty of miniatures and garnishes on the tables from partnered distillers/producers and tasty birthday cupcakes.

The evening included a silent auction and various games to raise money for both Shelter and Mid Cheshire Hospital charities. The total raised at the time of writing is over £1,000!

It was fantastic to meet everyone in person and chat to fellow gin producers. Hopefully next year the whole CB team can attend! Speaking of next year, SipFest 2022 is already being planned, so be sure to stay up to date on Sip and Share's socials for more details. We hope to see you there.

Sip and Share is the U.K.'s #1 Craft Gin and Spirits Exclusive Discount Club and is already over 300 members strong - the friendliest bunch of gin lovers, distillers and spirits producers. Join the family!

We're proud to be part of Sip and Share and would like to thank Kate for supporting us at launch, as well as every S&S member who has tasted, shown interest in or purchased Nantwich Gin. We're looking forward to being part of this fantastic family for years to come!

S&S Socials:

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