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St. Patrick's Day Gin Spritz Recipe

There's plenty of reasons for high spirits today and into the weekend. The sun's finally come out for a bit (here, at least!) and spring is truly on its way. The daffodils are standing strong and the days are getting longer.

And of course, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day: a celebration of Irish culture and history recognised across the globe. Over the next few days, it's inevitable that you might come across a few green-cladded party-makers with Guinness in hand!

We asked some of you via our social media channels if you celebrated March 17th, and we were met with some mixed results. Some expressed their enthusiasm for St. Patrick's Day and planned to head out for an evening of beer, beer and more beer! Whereas others have chosen to stay home.

Whatever your plans, we figured it was only fair that we provide you with a tasty springtime spritz to be enjoyed with a measure of Nantwich Gin. This is a ramped-up, fresh twist on our perfect serve G&T to welcome in the spring, and all the hope that comes with it.

Springtime Gin Spritz


- 50ml Nantwich Gin

- 100ml Elderflower Tonic

- Lime Juice

- Frozen Grapes

- Frozen Kiwi


- Chop a handful of green grapes into halves and dice some kiwi fruit. Freeze these for a couple of hours.

- A little later, grab a highball glass and combine the double shot of signature Nantwich Gin with a dash of lime juice. Give this a good swirl in the bottom of the glass.

- Add your frozen fruit as an ice substitute. This prevents any dilution of the good stuff, so fill your glass!

- Pour the elderflower tonic amongst the fruit and stir the entire concoction.

- Garnish with a shamrock-shaped kiwi slice if you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day!

Enjoy this refreshing gin spritz as the kinder weather rolls in, and remember that soon, we'll all be back out in our gardens and balconies, soaking up that sunshine. Don't lose hope just yet, summertime's on its way.

All the best,

- The C.B Team. x

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