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What is Matron's Strength?

Everything you need to know about the newest addition to the Cheshire Botanicals range.

Since the launch of Matron's Strength on November 26th 2021, half of the super limited edition batch has been snatched up already by eager Nantwich Gin fans.

We're not kidding.

Many of you welcomed the new product with open arms and we've loved hearing your feedback. But we reckon there might be a few of you out there thinking 'What exactly is Matron's Strength?!' Is it a navy strength gin? What percentage is it? Can we have it on a drip? (No, no you can't).

Here's our handy fact file blog containing everything you need to know about...

- Matron's Strength is a navy strength version of our signature Nantwich Gin.

- The ABV (alcohol by volume) is 57% (99.9% U.K. proof). To be classed as a navy strength gin, the beverage must be at least 57% abv.

- The history of navy strength dates all the way back to the 18th century.

- We've traded in the maritime theme for a medical one, celebrating the strength, dedication and tenacity of healthcare professionals across the world.

Meet Matron Deb:

- As well as founding Cheshire Botanicals with Holly and Paul, Deb is a full time Matron in the NHS, with a number of years in nursing under her belt (a number which remains classified... if I tell you, Deb will be rather angry with me!)

- Matron's Strength was inspired by, and honours, Deb and every single one of her healthcare colleagues across the world.

After seeing close-up the impact of the last few years on our health workers, we couldn't think of a better symbol for strength.

- We launched Matron's Strength as a super limited edition product in time for 2021. The bottle size is 20cl. We're considering this as a bit of a trial run: if you enjoy Matron's Strength and would like another batch in the new year, we will consider releasing a 70cl version.

- Now, let's talk charity: we agree, we should donate a percentage to a healthcare charity. Here's the problem: the charity we have in mind cannot accept donations of funds generated by the sale of alcohol. Instead, we will be making a personal donation to the foundation in the new year. (If permitted, we will share this with you).

- The personal donation will go to a charity who offers support and educational opportunities to nurses.

- So how does Matron's Strength taste, compared to signature Nantwich Gin? Well, the abv completely transforms the experience and brings different botanicals to the fore. Everybody has different tastes so your experience could differ, but here are my tasting notes:

- Served neat, the Matron's Strength has an almost syrupy texture, coating the mouth and bringing out the more earthy botanicals alongside the florals of lavender, rose and orris.

- When ice and tonic is added the effect is sweeter, pushing the usual warming spice of Nantwich Gin's signature cardamom and peppercorns further into the background.

- The higher abv definitely allows the more delicate botanicals to flourish.

But those are just my tasting notes... we're excited to hear yours! Head to: to purchase your 200ml bottle of Matron's Strength before they're all gone. The super limited edition product is £24.00 - the ideal price and size for a gift or secret santa for that gin loving friend of yours, too.

On the socials, use the hashtag: #NantwichGin and tag us in your photos. Please let us know your thoughts!

Cheers, all, and we hope you enjoy!

- Holly.


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